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The Upside of Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Here are a some of the upsides of investing with a self-directed IRA

Tax-free or tax deferred account growth - With a ROTH self directed IRA, you can invest in real estate as normal but your gains are free from taxes. There aren't many other opportunities to put money into property with this kind of protection!

You can be in complete control of your investments with an LLC for SDIRA. - This gives you checkbook power and the option to create a company that’s structured just right for what you need it too be and do for your specific situation! Consulting with competent tax and legal professionals is always the best way to make wisest decisions that lead to the most important baby steps forward.

Investing through an LLC can also provide asset protection strategies - this is the area where your tax and legal team yields maximum value for you. Consulting with your tax and legal team to better understand the LLC laws in your state ensures that your tax and asset protection strategies are on point for your situation, and therefore optimize the overall performance of your SDIRA account.

Potential For Higher Returns - A self-directed IRA real estate investment has the potential to earn a higher ROI than investing with traditional stock / bond securities options. Real estate investments are backed by hard assets that produce regular income from operations. Regular income from stabilized operation is the very thing that gives a business its value in the marketplace.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the Self-Directed IRA allows for the investment in real estate, which is a business. Real estate investing, as a business, acquires, rents and leases space, as well as improves operations, which translates to improved cash-flow, higher net operating income, and therefore a higher market value at the end of the investment period when the property sells.

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